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Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange system (EPABX)

City-Noble 2008 EPABX

 [City-Noble Box]

  • Internet Switching System
  • 2 lines, 8 extensions.
  • Extensions can be used for regular phones, cordless phones, faxes, or modems.
  • Direct outward dialing without using prefixes or other access codes.
  • 3 way conference line.
    • 1 line 2 extensions conference.
    • 2 lines 1 extension conference.
  • Easy line transfers without using flash keypad.
  • Alarm clock.
  • Toll restriction.
  • Power failure backup automatic line switching to No.1 or No.2. extensions.
  • No technician required for installation & maintenance. Just do it yourself (DIY).
  • Size: 26 x 7 x 16 (cm), Weight : 2.0 Kgs.

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City-Voice 2008 EPABX

 [City-Voice Box]
Digital City-Voice

  • Includes same features as City-Noble 2008 EPABX.
  • Internet Switching System with Direct Inward System Access.
  • Self recorded out going message.
  • Voice/Fax automatic switching.
  • Voice mail service holding up to 5 incoming messages.

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