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 [CAF Group]

Coach And Four Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a family business founded by Mr. Sparky Y. Sun in 1969. He started by manufacturing and marketing the first quality Massage Pillows to Japan and expanded to North America and Europe in 1975 and 1976, respectively. Today, hundreds of thousands of our fine products are sold yearly worldwide.

 [Keenness, Ltd.]

Keenness Industrial Co., Ltd. is an offspring of Coach And Four Enterprise Co., Ltd., formed in 1976. Its original task was marketing massage pillows and trading various electronic products. In 1990, Keenness Industrial started to manufacture personal defensive products, such as stun guns.

 [Real Weal, Ltd.]

Real Weal Technology Co., Ltd., branched from the electronic department of Coach And Four Enterprise Co. in 1980. Sunmeanpro's Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange system (EPABX) is one of our R&D products. We also market many types of telephone sets. Please refer product section for detail.

 [Linkway Tech, Ltd.]

Founded in 1990, serving the demands of quality software, LinkWay Software is a one stop computer shop. LinkWay Software offers software designs and network programming configurations. Our customers range from individuals to large corporations. We specialize in library information systems and database management systems for various needs, such as manufactures, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

We also do web pages. Our web design team includes not only programmers, but also artists. Whether you want, impressive web page with 3D animated images or simply information arranged in an eye catching manner, LinkWay Software will work with you. Pleasant web pages that fit your functional needs and reflect you or your organization's characteristics is our design goal.

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